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delights the beauty of nature

Buitengoed De Bollen is surrounded by many stunning nature reserves and revitalising hiking and cycling trails. Unique country estates, dense forests, expansive heathland, beautiful bulbous fields, rural stream valleys, flowery grasslands and plant-rich fens alternate.

Enjoy the authentic Brabant landscape in Het Groene Woud, De Kampina, and De Kempen. We are bursting with tips for hikinh and cycling in the beautiful surroundings. Click on the button below for more information.

Vogelvluchtperspectief op bos en water
Jongen drinkt water uit de pomp

burgundian Brabant recreation

Buitengoed De Bollen is located near the charming and monumental village of Oirschot. Here, you'll find attractive shops and restaurants, no less than 300 monuments, and many museums and galleries.

In addition, the estate is located right between the Brabant cities of Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Tilburg, ideal for a day's shopping. Or what about theme park Efteling or safari park Beekse Bergen? Click on the button below to discover all day trips.

relax completely in our Dutchtub

Relax and unwind in our Dutchtub. Book this wood-fired hot tub for two to enjoy during your stay.
The water is heated by a fire in a spiral on the outside of the bath. Through natural circulation the colder water enters the spiral at the bottom of the bath and flows out heated at the top.
De tub kost 50 euro per stookbeurt inclusief hout.

rustic cooking in the outdoor oven

Bake home-made pizzas, cook delicious oven dishes or use the grill to barbecue in our outdoor oven. Nothing beats the smell and taste of cooking over a wood fire, and it keeps you nice and warm at the same time.
De buitenoven kost 15 euro per stookbeurt inclusief hout.