About Buitengoed de Bollen

In the middle of the countryside, in one of the oldest hamlets of the municipality of Oirschot, you'll find the nostalgic Buitengoed De Bollen. Taste the atmosphere of the countryside and enjoy the peace that nature has to offer us in this beautiful place with a wide view. In July 2019 the founders - Gemma van Kronenburg and Leo Rooijackers - handed over the baton to Mart Habraken and Linda Rommens and their children Vieve and Huub.

Mart Habraken Linda Rommens

A place of historical value

Buitengoed De Bollen is situated opposite the Sint Antoniuskapel in the beautiful centuries-old hamlet of Straten in the outskirts of the municipality of Oirschot. The core of Straten consists of a century-old small square on which the present St. Antonius chapel was built in 1853. It has the typical form of an agricultural village of old times, namely the farms formed around a triangular square covered with grass (which was called 'plaatse'). Behind the farms, the lower-lying land was used for arable farming. The shape of this field village, as well as the buildings, has remained fairly intact and is therefore of great historical value. That is why the core of the hamlet Straten has been designated a protected village sight by the government in 1992.

Plek van historische waarde

Monument in nature

Groen hart

The municipality of Oirschot, situated in the triangle Eindhoven, Tilburg, 's-Hertogenbosch, can rightly call itself 'Monument in nature'. In addition to its monumental core, the municipality of Oirschot also has a rich cultural history with authentic 18the en 19eand 19th century farmhouses in its parishes Oost- West- en Middelbeers and Spoordonk.

The municipality has more than 300 well-preserved monumental buildings, 2 protected village sites and no less than 11 beautiful nature reserves.

Buitengoed De Bollen borders the beautiful Groene Woud and is therefore also a gateway to the unique nature areas of De Mortelen, De Kampina and the Oirschotse Heide. The ideal starting and ending point for a hike or cycling tour. Buitengoed De Bollen is situated on a rural connecting road right next to various ANWB and VVV cycling routes, the De Kempen cycling route network and the Oirschot hiking route network.

Cycling and hiking route network

The cycling and hiking route network allows you to determine your own route and the number of kilometres you want to cycle or hike using its nodes. The Kempenland and Het Groene Woud cycling route networks also have nodes in Oirschot. Buitengoed De Bollen is located between nodes 13 and 14. No. 49 of the hiking route network also borders Buitengoed De Bollen.

Fiets en wandelroutenetwerk


Sfeervolle plek

Buitengoed De Bollen has a cosy guest room and five comfortable cottages. All accommodations are suitable for both short and long stay.

Event venue

Evenementenlocatie De Bollen

Our location has the right facilities for tent parties on our grounds and cosy events in our authentic converted barn.